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    iChainPay allows you to utilize your cryptocurrencies and make payments effortless.


Step 2. Complete Our KYC Process

Easily complete our KYC process by clicking this link. You will receive an email confirmation once approved.

Step 4. Register To See Your Balance and Transactions

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Supported Coins and Growing

*currently supports BTC. Other coins on beta test.


iChainPay is easy and works with most the world’s most popular cryptocurrency – Bitcoin.

ATM and POS Transactions from 168 countries worldwide.

Fiat on the go, wherever you go – Backed by the UnionPay network, money is readily available to you anytime, anywhere.

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From The Great Wall, and Beyond.

A strong support for transactions within mainland China.
Through the UnionPay network, your transactions are sure to be pushed through on any POS or ATM terminal in China.

Fiat In Every Currency

Conversion from CRYPTO to any currency in seconds.
No hidden fees, no transaction time – money when you need it where you need it.


Pay here. Pay there. Pay everywhere.

iChainPay accepted at more places than you think. Millions, in fact.

Frequently Asked Questions

iChainPay UnionPay Card Online Account Registration

  1. What are the basic features and benefits of my iChainPay UnionPay card?
    • Your iChainPay UnionPay card can be presented for payment at any dining, retail outlets, supermarkets and department stores where UnionPay cards are accepted. One of the benefits of using this card is the security and convenience of not having to bring cash to a merchant. The PIN, or signature-based verification will help increase security when conducting a transaction.
    • It can also be used for Cash Withdrawal and Balance Inquiry check at any ATM with UnionPay logo.
  2. How do I activate and register my iChainPay UnionPay Card?
  3. What should I do if I didn’t receive the registration confirmation email?
    • Please check the Junk/ Spam folder in your mailbox.
    • Please make sure the email address submitted is valid.
    • Re-register a new account
  4. What should I do if I forgot my password?
    • You may login to your account by using the link provided in the registration confirmation email which was sent to you earlier with the subject “Registration successful – Welcome to Omnipay!”
    • Re-register a new account and re-enrol your iChainPay UnionPay card is the last option.
  5. Where can I monitor my iChainPay UnionPay card’s balances?
    • Card balances can be checked and monitored via your account on the Omnipay website. Just simply enrol the card to your account.
    • Card balances may also be checked via any ATM with UnionPay logo.

*We are not responsible for the loss/theft of your card. Your balances are secured by OmniPay and iChainPay is not responsible for reimbursement. For support, please contact support@ichainpay.com.

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